How did supercessionalism come to be?

This is a great question, and I’m not sure I know the answer. I know that as early as the gospels, the authors (especially the author of the gospepl of Matthew) made a concerted effort to echo the prophecies in the Hebrew Bible to demonstrate that Jesus really was the Jewish messiah.¬† Here’s one example […]

How was Naomi able to nurse Obed if she had not been pregnant for what we can assume to be many years? Is it possible that this is just a figure of speech and that she did not actually nurse the baby from her own breast?

I love your question, and I’m not sure biologically whether a woman can nurse past the age of childbearing. (Since I posted this answer on the discussion board I looked it up. The answer was surprising:, It’s quite possible, too, that Naomi was not all that old. The typical age of marriage was probably […]

Is “hell” in the bible a real place? I’ve read that it was a misunderstanding of the word “gehenna” by the editors of the KJV.

The New Testament scholar who most recently covered this topic was Bart Ehrman: If you want a read his shorter blog about it, here’s a link. Most of his stuff is behind a firewall, but I think this one is free:¬† If you have trouble accessing it, I have a subscription. Ehrman enjoys a […]

Who first translated the bible into English?

During the middle ages and the Reformation, several people tried to translate the bible from Latin into English. You can find medieval translations of individual texts. Furthermore, some medieval illuminated gospels have Anglo-Saxon notations and translations on them. The first person credited with translating the whole bible from Latin into English was John Wycliffe. This […]

Which English bible translation is the best and contains the fewest errors?

In the following response, I’m going to distinguish between errors in translation, dated language, and divergence of interpretation. All these contribute to differences in English translation. In terms of errors, modern translations are better, especially those created or revised after the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls in the 20th century. These first-century texts are […]