Why do we see goddess worship in the Hebrew bible but not in Christianity?

I just wanted to follow up on your statement that the goddess doesn’t exist in Christianity by talking a little about the worship of Mary (officially called “veneration” to distinguish it from worship. which was popular in Christianity from at least the second century CE. Mary had churches dedicated to her veneration by the fourth century, 

In Luke and other early Christian writings, Mary’s immaculate conception and assumption into heaven put her on the same plane as gods (a later text argued that Mary’s mother was a virgin too.) I always wondered about Mary’s virginity, since Mary is described as having several children, but then I realized Mary took the place of the worship of the virgin goddess Diana/ Artemis/ Cybele at a time when women’s’ only control over their own lives was through fasting or taking a vow of chastity.

Like Mary, Cybele was mother to the god, in this case “Attis,” who died and was resurrected by her. In fact, some believe the veneration of Mary came about in imitation of the worship of Cybele, who was extremely important to the part of the Roman Empire that would give rise to the Eastern Orthodox church.

The early church tried to discourage female virginity, censoring the story of Paul and Thecla in which lions came to defend Thecla’s virginity. So the official designation of Mary as “mother of God” in the 4th century placated many of Cybele’s followers. 

Long before the middle ages, Mary worship had scattered throughout Europe, and Mary and a host of Catholics saints served as intercessors for those who prayed for help but felt God was too far away.  Marian veneration (and saint worship) also served as a surrogate as the church banned local religions that had a goddess component. This is especially true in the Americas, where each locale had a virgin intercessor to whom her followers could make pilgrimages. 

For more on this, see this Wikipedia article on Mary. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veneration_of_Mary_in_the_Catholic_Church#:~:text=In%20the%20early%20part%20of,Jerusalem%20by%20the%20year%20350.

See also Peter Brown’s book The Cult of the Saints, which is old but highly influential. https://archive.org/details/cultofsaintsitsr0000brow 

For more on Cybele worship in the Roman empire, see this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybele 

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