Why did the Israelites seem to have so little faith? As soon as Moses left them to go up they mountain they got right to work on making themselves another god to worship even after all they had seen.

I think the Israelites being faithless is part of the Deuteronomistic history that arguably starts with Exodus. In this story, which goes from Exodus to 2 Kings, the Israelites are given the law and deliberately violate it, and ONLY after centuries of giving second chances does God decide to smite the Israelites with Babylon. This version of events puts all the blame on the Israelites themselves–not just their kings, which is who bears most of the brunt in Joshua, Judges, and Kings, but all of them. The Deuteronomistic school was probably a northern school, and of course this story is told by P and E, not J, who was arguably southern if he existed. 

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