How exactly did Jews perform biblical works? How often did that happen?

While we don’t have all the details, we can make assumptions based on present-day Jewish performative traditions. At least since the modern era, several Hebrew texts are performed on Jewish holidays. These were called the Megilla or the festival scrolls. From¬† this we get the term “the whole megilla.” Plural Megillot. Ruth, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs are some of these, as are Lamentations and Esther.¬†

Other texts are probably performed at different occasions too, but I doubt they were read aloud every day. They are kind  of long, for one thing.

Actually, they are sung now. Maybe then too. A better word is chanting. The current system was created by the Masoretic monks. (Links to an external site.)

Here is a recording of Ecclesiastes being chanted in Hebrew:

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