Did the Hebrew prophecies predict the coming of Jesus?

I think many Christians believe that Christianity pre-dates Jesus’s birth, and that belief bothers some Jews for reasons articulated in the Supercessionalism video. 

As I have emphasized elsewhere and will continue to stress, the prophecies in ancient Judaism were considered messages from God that helped people interpret current calamities. While these prophets might go so far as to predict how long a crisis might last, they were never meant to predict events in the distant future and certainly not meant to predict the coming of Jesus, whom rabbinic Jews reject as a messianic contender for many reasons. 

While I don’t want to debate whether the Hebrew scriptures predict the coming of Jesus, I will say the the writers of the gospels framed their stories to link Jesus to the prophecies.  The writers of the gospels knew these prophecies through reading the Septuagint (Greek translation of Torah and prophets). So the author of Mark’s gospel frames his story of Jesus’s life with a (mis) quote from Isaiah, and later has Jesus enter town on a donkey to fulfill a prophecy from Zechariah. Mary’s virgin status, which is added in later gospels, seems to fulfill a passage from Isaiah that says “a woman shall become with child” (The Septuagint mistranslates “woman” as “virgin.”).

On the other hand, apocalyptic texts like Daniel and Revelation, which were widespread during Intertestamental times, did try to predict when the end times or Day of Yahweh might happen. These works, however, were set in the past so that events predicted in them might seem give the texts authority by coming true. For example, Daniel predicts the coming of Antiochus IV, because it was written in the midst of Antiochus’s persecutions though  set 300 years earlier. So Daniel’s’ accuracy about Antiochus encouraged its readers to believe its prediction hat the end of days was imminent was also accurate (apparently, it wasn’t). 

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